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I personally have found Moldovite to be a light in my life and a tool that helped me open up my paths..

This ones are a little dream ive had for a while.. and now finally they come to life..

I made here this only 4 pairs of moldovite plugs .. and im thinking about making more and bigger too .. maybe 3 moldovites per plug .. but for now a thought just ..

They are faceted moldovites that are set on a silver 3 prong flying setting... all this on a catalox eyelet.

Hope you like them..

Here a bit on moldovites...

Moldovite is a translucent green meteoric gem, found only in what is now the Czech Republic. It is classed with the mysterious group of glassy objects called tektites, and it is believed to have fallen from the sky only once, about 14.8 million years ago. Prized by humans for tools and amulets some 25,000 years ago.

Moldovites are rare stones. Moldovites are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness.

They seem to engender an acceleration of one's inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism. Ive heard stories of visionary experience, chakra activation, energy cleansings and the discovery of personal destiny, all associated with the entrance of Moldavite in to one's life.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do...

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