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2" and more..

Price: $280.00






Iis said that the more refined the filigree, the deeper part of the heart that speaks..

Filigree Spirals
Fancier than ever for those that like it big..
Goldplated or Oldsilver
To be set on a Catalox Eyelet

So .. I made this one pair of filigree spirals ..
On a silver bezel to do .. whatever you want to do and have ..
they can be set in an eyelet between 2" to 2 5/8"
you tell me how you wear them .. and I will make it for you ..

The filigree has a 2 3/4" external diameter.. so we can work with it for sure.

We can talk about your ideas on this at and I will make what you need be.

Fancy .. Beautiful .. For big ears.

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