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Care and feeding of your jewelry..

The jewelry that we make are original designs inspired on traditional Mexican ornamentation.
Recreated in natural materials of the highest quality possible.
Each handmade piece is unique, and pairs are worked to be as similar as possible.

It is important to take care of your plugs and jewelry in the way most appropriate for each material, so they will look their best and last a lifetime.

Materials like ..WOOD.. , because it is porous, it needs to have its moisture to seal pores, so they can have a better relationship with your body. It is very important to not swim or shower with your plugs and to oil them periodically. You can use jojoba oil. Please be very gentle with all Carved Maple plugs that are hollow, they are delicate, they like to be oiled as all wood, but no rough cleaning please.
Oh, and remember that oil can also cause your plugs to get a darker look to them. Not too much on the maple, but yes a little. But in general it does, and I like that, I hope you do too.

If you have a ..LABRET.. remember it has thin wings and its made in stone.. so you can wash it if you most with soap. But dont drop it as it can break.

And if your labret has a gold inlay, you have a gold septum or nostril piece; you can keep the metal shiny with a polishing cloth.
And just remember to treat your gold jewelry carefully because gold can easily be scratched.

If you have wood plugs that have SILVER on them, like AMMONITE inlays for example, you can also use a polishing cloth for the silver. And remember to be careful because silver can also be easily scratched and ammonites can be fragile.

Materials like ..AMBER.. or stone that are brittle can break if dropped, put under pressure, or treated roughly. Wash only with mild or neutral soap like dr. bronners. Do not shower or bathe with your plugs. This will cause for amber to dry up, look dull and crack, and stone can get slippery, fall and break, so be conscious and be careful.

I would also like to mention about HUICHOL bead work.
This is a traditional work that is made by carefully setting beads on a bed of wax.
We have them like this, not because this is the hardest way to set beads. But because this is the traditional way to do it.

Huichol bead work is like a prayer in itself, a blessing, and a path to raise our prayers. But certainly they are delicate plugs. If the beads are played with or touched roughly they can fall off.
So be gentle with them.

..FILIGREE.. is also a delicate type of work.
It has many little pieces soldered together. If pressed tightly they can loose their form, and this should be taken in consideration for their use.

Filigree jewelry is all made of silver and it comes either GOLD PLATED or with an OLD SILVER finish. This two can get dull with time and if washed often or cleaned with a polishing cloth they can loose the plating or the patina. Try to NOT use a polishing cloth in goldplated jewelry. It will most definetly wear it off.

Please know that I only wish for you to have the nicest jewelry I can possibly make.
And that I wish for it to last years and years.
Still many of the things I work with are very detailed and a bit delicate.
Take care of them accordingly.

And in case there is anything that I can help you with, let me know.
If there is something that I can fix that broke or a gold plating that you need renewed, contact me. And I might be able to help you.

ana paula