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I was supposed to write a bit of me or how quetzalli came to be..
and I thought..
I could go of in a long story about this all..
I could tell  you on how I learned to make jewelry
or how I felt  the need to create
or about the calling of our ancestors..
but in truth... to me this is how i see it..

 I believe that there is never a just one person,
or a single effort that makes things possible in life.
I believe we are all connected.
It can maybe be called just one inspiration that can move different hearts
no matter how far.

In nahuatl Quetzalli means beautiful .. Quetzalli Jewelry is what we strive for .. to make the most beautiful jewelry we can think of and can possibly make. To look deep inside us and find what we believe is our true inspiration .. to seek our true teachers .. that is life .. nature .. and the ways of our ancestors ..

 It is important for us that you know that everything here is made as a unique piece. Where we mix tradition with our own feelings and dreams too. That we dont mass produce. And we dont plan to do it.

Know that with what we make and with all you see here,
we are sharing ourselves with you.
I wish for you to feel that
and that everything here, is made by caring hands.
Some by close friends, some by me,
and other by people that were born where making beauty has been a long lasting tradition.
And also, that it is with love and respect to where we come from,
to each person involved,
every material
and to the inspiration that lies before us,
that quetzalli jewelry keeps growing from.

for all of you that have influenced others,
for all of you that feel the connection,
To all of you who care
and look for beauty that fills our hearts,

..thank you..