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First of all, Im glad you are here.. You will find here some ordering info.. to answer some questions.. But as life is, everchanging.. feel free to contact me, with questions and coments.. With that said.. here are all the details..

Know that all plugs are sold by pairs, so the prices you are seeing here are for a pair.

For buying can place your order online and it will be shipped out if it is in stock within two days of your order. If not in stock, it can take me upto 3 weeks for it to be shipped out.

Also check out our custom ..JUST ONCE.. jewelry section.
Here you can see some other things im working on and to get also some inspiration for other piercing need you might have.

If you wish to talk to me directly, you can email me your order or just write me to talk about what you had in mind.

For custom orders, it will usually take me two to three weeks to get them ready. Some things take longer, and if this is the case, I will let you know.

I love working custom, but it for sure takes extra time and enregy. So please take note that for custom jewelry if you cancel your order once I started working on it, there will be a $100 dollar fee plus any expenses I have put in your order for materials. Also any paypal fees for returning money will be on your expense.


Also, the sizes that you see on our website are the common sizes we work with, but are not the only ones we can make. I have a stock of jewelry, but can also work with your needs, as in flares, lengths, designs or materials.. (this might change the delivery times and prices…)

Talk to me,, as we will always try and make it as comfortable as we can for you.


If your jewelry is in stock, I will ship it within two days of your order, and if not in stock, it can take me up to 3 weeks for it to be shipped out. Sorry, but it is all handmade and most of what I do, is very labor intensive. If for any reason it will be longer, I will make sure to let you know. Thanks for the patience, its much needed to make beautiful jewelry.

To make shipping successful I need confirmation of payment, your complete name, mailing address and phone number. If you order and pay online, all this gets to me directly, if not, you will have to get it to me.

Usually once your jewelry has been shipped it will take around 1 week or less to get to you.

Cost of shipping is 10 dollars within the United States and 15 to Europe.


If you own a shop and are interested in buying wholesale.
You will need to open an account here, through our retail website.
Then send me an email to that has:

Your user name for the website.
Your shops name.
Tax ID number.
Your name.

When I have received by emai this information I will make your account wholesale.
And you will be able to buy online or directly with me if that suits you better.


You can shop online, we use paypal for checkout. If you dont have a paypal account, dont worry, just follow through with paypal and you will be able to pay with your cc without a paypal account. Also for custom work and orders made with me directly you can just go directly to and you can send any payments to:

And in case you wish to not use paypal,
Please talk to me for other payment options available.